Friendship transcends age, and that’s why many people have friends that are older than they are. If you’re one of these people, here are some things you can need to keep in mind when making friends with older people

1) Age bothers them more than you

They’ll take every chance to remind you that they’re older. Just smile and let it pass. Eventually, they’ll get tired and find new material.

2) They won’t let you pay for anything

It doesn’t matter if you’re working fifteen jobs and can buy their entire family, it’s a pride thing. Better pocket your money and don’t do too much. Consider it reparations. 

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3) They think their kind of entertainment is the best

Even though some of them actually grew up watching the same shows you did, it’s not their business. The ones they watched on their 21 inch TVs are better than the ones you watched on your plasma TVs. 

4) You’re not stupid. They just think you are

Treating you like a baby will come with many fun things like money and nice gifts, but it’ll also come with a lot of condescending attitudes. If you like, be the president of Nigeria. They’ll still treat you like a child just because you’re Gen Z

5) You don’t have money, so problem dey

There’s a huge chance you’ll not be able to match the kind of gifts they give to you. Partly because they’ve also spent more time in the workforce, and also have connections that they’ve built over the years. Your older friends  can get your favourite celebrity to wish you a happy birthday or buy you an iPad. Will you be able to reciprocate? 

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6) You’ll barely spend enough time together 

You’ll sometimes have more free time than they do because you’re in a different stage of life than they are. You’ll also be more interested in certain activities that they don’t have the energy for. You want to invite your friend that’s married with two kids to the club on a Tuesday night? Do you want to scatter their marriage? 

7) You’ll spend too much time teaching them pop culture trends 

You’re constantly explaining to them what certain phrases mean. It’s your way of trying to bridge the communication gap, but there’s a very high possibility that they’d forget by the next conversation. 

8) You feel older than you are

After spending so much time with these people, you start looking and talking like them. When you now hang outh with fellow Gen Zers, you’ll be feeling much older than you really are. 

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