When you ask people what superpower they’d like to have, they always say things like invisibility, mind-reading or flight abilities. I don’t get it. You have the opportunity to choose any superpower in the world, and you choose things like shape-shifting? 

I’m here to tell you that these are the powers you should actually be wishing for. 

Power to make dirty plates disappear from the sink

I can’t be the only one that hates washing plates. Imagine being able to snap your fingers and make all the pots and plates in your sink disappear. Do you know how useful this power would be when you have many visitors in your family house? You can even add the ability to be able to clean up your apartment without lifting a finger.

Power to automatically get a job once you speak to the interviewer

Job interviews are the actual ghetto. You have to prove your skills and experience by putting in a lot of work to convince someone why they should hire you. Don’t you wish you could just walk into a job interview and get the job by just smiling at the employer? 

Power to make people not ask you for money 

People are always complaining about being billed by friends, family and other random people. Now wouldn’t you want the power to make that stop? Imagine that when someone texts you, you’ll have the ability to sense if they’re about to bill you or not. And if they are, you’ll have the superpower to make them resist the urge to do so. 

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Power to make people send you money

When people text you, you’ll have the superpower to make them have the urge to send you money. Too many people would want this power, so there’d need to be eligibility criteria for this one. For example, you must have less than ₦10k in all your bank accounts.

Power to always have light 

Imagine a life you didn’t need to have to do the on-and-off dance with NEPA, and you’ll never need a generator or solar inverter. 

Power to make your boss forget you once work closes

Some Nigerian bosses don’t understand work-life balance, so they feel they can text their employees outside of work hours. That’s why there should be some magic you can do that’ll make you erase your name from your boss’ head the moment work closes. 

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Power to make food from your dream appear in real life 

Is it me, or does the food we see in our dreams look better than what we eat in the real world? It’s only in my dream that I get to eat seafood penne pasta made in Italy. The power to move the food from my dream into the real world would be incredible. Shebi the problem is only when you eat in your dream an?


Power to unsubscribe from spam emails 

All you would have to do is just type “unsubscribe” in the search box of your inbox. And you’ll be unsubscribed from all the spam in the world. If you’re an adult with an email address, you should be looking for where you can get this power from.  

Power to tell your Nigerian mother to shut up 

We don’t exactly need special power to do this. What we need is the power that will stop your mother from killing you after you’ve told her to shut up. That way, you’ll be able to fight with her and say anything you want. 

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