10 Superpowers Every Nigerian Parent Has

October 26, 2015

1. Super Hearing

For when you mutter something under your breath after they are done scolding you.

2. Lie Detection

For when you want to be an idiot and lie straight to their face.

3. Super Smell

For when you come back home with the smell of alcohol on your breath and they can tell from their room.

4. Super Scream

For when they want to tell you to come downstairs and pass the remote that’s right beside them.

5. Telepathy

For when they want to warn you in public without opening their mouths.

6. Super Bargaining

For when they want to buy N4000 belt for just N300.

7. Seeing into the Future

For when they punish you in advance for that crime you haven’t even committed yet.

8. Super Marksmanship

For when they throw their shoe at you without looking and still don’t miss.

9. Fire Resistance

For when your mother picks up a hot pot without showing any signs of pain.

10. Super Sarcasm

For when you ask a stupid question. “Where should I put it?” “Put it on my head.” So, did we miss any superpower?

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