People who live in Ibadan always have to put up with the condescending things said to them by people from other states. If you are one of those people who likes saying these things to Ibadan people, please stop. It’s getting too much at this point.

1. “Ibadan is so cheap!”

10 Common Lies Nigerians Tell

Oh really? Ibadan is so cheap because Ibadan residents usually pluck money from the sky, abi? Please and please, don’t say what you don’t know. Yes, the cost of living in Ibadan might not be as high as some other cities, but things are expensive in Ibadan too, and people are trying their best to get by.

2. “Ibadan is local.”

Sorry oh, Americanah. Because you have heard Ibadan described as “the city of rusted brown roofs”, you have suddenly come to the conclusion that Ibadan is a village, isn’t it? Na wa. We advice you to visit Ibadan and see for yourself before you jump into any conclusion. You will be surprised to see some parts of Ibadan that are just as bubbly and developed as Lagos, if not more.

3. “Ibadan babes are so razz.”

Okay nau, shebi you have met and dated ALL the babes in Ibadan, that’s why you were able to come up with that statement, right? Please and please, stop the ugly stereotyping. It doesn’t look good at all. Ibadan babes are running things, just like the babes in other states of Nigeria. If you like, move mad, they will clear you like grass.

4. “Omo Ibadan, kinni so?”

This sentence is so 1960. Please dead it. When someone tells you they are from Ibadan, resist to ask them “Kinni so?” Before someone takes it personal and shows you pepper.

5. “Houses are very very very cheap in Ibadan.”

Is that so? Okay nau. Pack your bags and relocate to Ibadan first. Anything your eyes, better take it like that. Shebi houses are very very very cheap in Ibadan? Don’t worry, that thing you are looking for, you will soon see it.

6. “Amala is the only enjoyable thing in Ibadan.”

As per Ibadan people eat Amala for breakfast, lunch and dinner, right? Maybe they even use Amala as a snack, you know? Perhaps they even use Amala dough to make their meatpie. After all, “AmAlA iS tHe OnLy EnJoYaBlE tHiNg In IbAdAn.” See your mouth.

7. “Ibadan people like cursing.”

Okay, and so? Please say something new.

8. “N15k can feed 3 people at a fancy restaurant in Ibadan.”

This came up during a conversation about budgeting N15k for a date in Lagos. Someone said N15k can feed three people at a fancy restaurant in Ibadan, and the first thing I thought was, “Is it buka food you people want to eat or what?” You people really need to stop being parochial about Ibadan, please. Ibadan is a baddie, and it’s not pleasing me and my homegirls whenever people try to rub Ibadan in the dust.

Fix up, please.



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