For some people, urgent 2k is not enough. Sometimes, they need an urgent one million. Well, before they would tell you it was impossible, but nothing is impossible for Zikoko. Here are six ways to become a millionaire overnight.

1) Dream

How else will you become a millionaire overnight if you do not sleep? All you have to do is lay your head on your bed and dream of your millions. Once that is done, congratulations on being a millionaire.

2) Write yourself a cheque

If you do not have a cheque book, then go to your bank and request one. Then when that is done, write yourself a cheque for a few million. That is it. You are done. It does not matter if you do not have up to five thousand naira in your account, what matters is that you are owing yourself a few million naira, and that means you are a millionaire.

3) Create your own currency

As you wake up, just declare a new currency. It does not have to be valid and you might be the only person to hear about it till you die, but it is still millions. I do not remember saying you would be a millionaire in naira. All we did was promise to teach you how to be a millionaire overnight.

4) Perform money ritual that pleases God

The best thing about money rituals that please God is that because God is involved, it will work quicker. If you have never done money ritual that pleases God before, just know that one of the things involved is a God-fearing babalawo.

5) Summon the Angels from Africa

If you are in Africa then you have a stronger chance of the angels actually working for you. Call on them because the angels of Africa have a way of making the unexpected happen.

6) Call on your ancestors

The ancestors cannot just be drinking gin and eating kola nut for free. Put them to WORK. They are getting too comfortable, so threaten to cut off their gin supply for a week. They will give in to your demands to be a millionaire overnight or turn you into a goat. It is a gamble.

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