Tough times are really lasting, and the thought of using someone for money ritual looks more appealing. However, the fear of God is also real so you don’t know how to run it. Well, that’s where we come in. Here are some steps to enable you perform money ritual in a way that pleases God.

1) Ask for God’s guidance

The biggest mistake a lot of people make when doing ritual is that they don’t ask spiritual leaders to pray for them. If they commit your ritual into the hands of God, how will God now vex? Before embarking on that ritual, you need to do some forty days fasting and prayer.

2) Find a God fearing babalawo

Your Babalawo is not religious and you want the ritual to please God? No nau. You need to look for a religious babalawo that knows the correct way to perform money ritual, abeg.

Don’t mind all the juju in his shade, that doesn’t mean he is not religious. He is.

3) Ask for volunteers

You know why some rituals are considered demonic? It is because people were taken by force. Now, if you asked for volunteers, that’s a different story. Just ask some people if they’re using their destiny and wait for them to give you willingly. You can start by asking some of your friends.

The girls waiting for who will volunteer to be used for rituals first

Your friend not volunteering to be used for rituals is enough reason to end the friendship. If they can’t help you pursue your dreams, are they really your friend?

When you realize none of your friends rate you enough to volunteer for small ritualism

4) Say closing prayer

You say you’re doing something that fears God and you won’t do closing prayers after? Is that how they raised you? After a successful ritual or even a not-so-successful one, just say a prayer. E get why.

Imagine you don’t pray now and the person you used for rituals wakes up from the dead?

The legs you refused to use in prayer, will be used in running.

5) Refer people to your babalawo.

Once the ritual is done, you need to share your babalawo’s number. How else will others know that he is religious and good and can do theirs for them too? Get that man some referrals by using your promo code!

6) Give back to your helper.

You can’t just stop at referring people to your babalawo, you need to make sure you continually give back to him for a successful ritual. Give him money, and give him customers. It will make you a respected alumni.

You and the gang after a successful ritualism operation

You should even come with a gift to show how thankful you are. It doesn’t matter what the gift is, no gift is too small.

If you do all the things involved and it neither works nor pleases God, then ritualism is just not meant for you. For more on what’s happening inside of this life, click here



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