There is no denying that self isolating is putting a huge strain on relationships in Nigeria. Even more on romantic relationships because people are now confined to virtual spaces and celibacy has become a forced way of life. You don’t see your significant other as often as you want to and this might understandably make the romance wane.

Lucky for you we have 5 online date ideas on how to keep the romance alive even while you self isolate.

1. Using the Houseparty app

The house party app does not only come in handy for house parties with friends, you can also host one special party with just bae and have the entire virtual room to yourself.

2. Netflix Movie Date

zikoko-online date ideas

It will be like a cinema date but since you both can’t physically go to the cinema Netflix becomes the venue. You both pick a movie and a time to watch and when you’re done you can both discuss it.

3. Skype calls

Skype has been saving long distance relationships since its invention. Now that all relationship partners who don’t live together have now been automatically declared long distance partners skype will also come through for them.

4. Good old love letters 

zikoko-online date ideas

You can still write actual letters and have it sent to your partner’s email address. The content of the letters is entirely up to you but the idea of writing a letter will forever be romantic.

5. Online games!

zikoko- online date ideas

This is another fun online date idea to explore if both you and your partner enjoy video games. You can pick a game you both like and set a showdown time for it. Massive fun!

We hope this list of fun online date ideas helps kindle the romance in your relationship as we all self-isolate and wait for COVID-19 to free us. Meanwhile we asked 7 Nigerians how Coronavirus is affecting their sex lives and here is what they told us.



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