Considering the amount of time you spend at work compared to anywhere else, your boss might as well be your soul mate, and your co-workers could very well be your partners in one big happy polyamory.

So, no, the fact that these phrases work both during sex and in a corporate setting isn’t weird at all.

“We need to really drill down to get this to work”

Sometimes, good results require intense “drilling”, and for everyone to be willing to put their backs into the task, literally and figuratively.

“Let’s take this offline”

Because some things need privacy, whether it’s calling out a teammate or taking the business off the spicy texts.

“I want to take a deep dive into this”

For when you really want understand a task… or find someone’s g-spot.

“Let’s circle back”

Sometimes, you want to return to a conversation later or get into a particular position that’s one number before 70.

“You always come on time”

There’s only one situation where this is a compliment, honestly.

“Hit me with your best shot”

Sometimes, you need to remind people to give their all. Let’s not waste each other’s time, please.

“You’re so flexible”

Everyone loves the person who can bend over backwards to make sure the work is done.

“Let’s stop to talk about this pain point”

This one is important because why go through something that’s affecting the “business” negatively?

“Teamwork leaves everyone satisfied”

Both in the board room and the other room.

“I’d like to bounce these off you”

For when you want to bounce ideas around. Also works with certain body parts.

“I need you to be more hands-on”

It’s all hands on deck, dear. Again, both literally and figuratively. 

“There are so many balls in the air right now”

Corporate people say this when too many things are happening at the same time. But too much of everything is bad, even if it does involve literal balls in the air.

“Let’s leave this on the back burner”

This works in two ways. Either you don’t want to follow through with a suggestion, or you’re feeling a little adventurous.

“You’ll need to increase my salary if you want me to do this”

Like a wise person once said, “Money for hand, back for ground.”

“You’re so experienced”

The only kind of feedback both an employee and sneaky link want to hear.

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