Office romance is a thing in every workplace, whether HR likes it or not. It’s very normal to have one or three office crushes. But when the person you like is your boss, that’s a whole different conversation.

Just in case you’re not sure, these are the signs that you’re in love with your boss.

You’re always excited to be at work 

When other people are grumbling and complaining about having to be at work, you’re excited. Only you will be smiling on a Monday morning at the office, and it’s definitely not because you love your job. 

You’re always the first to arrive 

Work resumes at 9 a.m., but you’re there by 6:30. What time do you even wake up? When do you leave the house? You’ll tell your colleagues it’s because you’re trying to avoid rush-hour traffic, but you and I know the actual truth. 

You find yourself doing things outside of your job description 

You’re in HR but doing sales work because your boss needs someone to attend to a client immediately, and for some reason, you thought you were that person. Better go back to facing the staff you’re supposed to be taking care of. 

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You don’t mind working on weekends 

Once it’s Friday, you’re sad because you have to spend two days away from your crush, and you’re not sure you can survive that. Working during the weekends isn’t a problem for you as long as your boss is also there.

You almost die when you get compliments from your boss 

Small “Well done, Samuel. You did a good job,” your chest is beating fast, and you’re smiling from one end of your face to the other. You’re very close to calling your family and friends to tell them what happened as if you just won an award. 

Nothing is better than having them come over to explain things to you

You didn’t really need help with how to create a folder on Google Docs. But anything to get your boss to come over and speak with you.

Salary isn’t your favourite thing about work 

Getting paid your salary isn’t the major thing you look forward to. Neither is it the work culture of the place. If they ask you, you’d say it’s the people at work. To be specific, one particular person, the person who pays your salary. 

You laugh a little louder at your boss’s jokes 

The joke they made wasn’t that funny. Even your boss is finding it weird that you’re laughing so much. Your thirst is showing, relax.

You spend a lot more time getting ready for work

It’s not because you genuinely care about your appearance or you’re trying to look good to feel good. You decide to get a nicer haircut or wear the longer bone straight because you’re hoping a certain someone will notice you at work. 

What to do now that you’ve realised you’re in love with your boss:

Give yourself a dirty slap

That slap is to reset factory settings. You’ve clearly lost focus as to the reason why you’re working.


If you truly cannot get over your oga, then resign. Because, whether you like it or not, nothing can happen between you and your boss. You can’t have any other relationship with them aside from a professional one (for many many reasons). So just do yourself a favour and leave that place. 

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