You only name things you love. For example, your dog, your mobile phone, etc etc. So, if you’ve been looking for ways to show your penis that you love it, we have a list of names for you to consider.

1. Destiny Changer.

2. Rod of Correction.

3. Powerbank.

4. Staff of Office.

5. Odogwu.

6. Sweet and salty.

7. Joystick.

8. Anita (in case you prefer something delicate).


10. The Explorer.

11. Resurrection.

12. Encounter (imagine telling your lover, “Darling, would you like to have an encounter?)

13. Small but mighty (this one get as e be, but you be man. You go know as you go take put am).

14. Rod of Destruction (God help you if you are a one minute man).

15. Favour (because anyone you give it to is an act of favour. Unless you are cheap sha).

BONUS: Human Resource.

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