My ladies and gays, if you’ve ever acted completely out of character simply because of how great sex with a man was, then you fully understand what it means to be ‘dickmatised’.

Curious to find out just how far this phenomenom has pushed seemingly logical people, I decided to ask a bunch of Nigerians to share their stories. Here are 7 of the most intriguing answers I got.

Sarah, 30/Female/Straight

There was this guy that I’d dated when I was about 17 or 18, and we’d been on and off for like a decade. Actually, for the last five years of that, our relationship was purely sexual. We’d hook up whenever we saw.

One time, we were in the same city and I fell really ill. Like, I actually needed to get emergency surgery. Still, I couldn’t let the chance to climb his magnificent penis pass me by.

My DUMB ASS risked not just an infection, but my actual life for dick. I went straight from the hospital to his place. As in, I was in pain and high off the meds, but I was still throwing that ass back the day after the surgery.

I didn’t get an infection, but I had to be restitched because I had torn something. The doctor warned that I couldn’t carry heavy things. I was too ashamed to tell him that it was my legs I had carried above my shoulders.

John, 31/Male/Gay

I live in Lagos, but I met the guy that dickmatised me during a work trip to Abuja. We met through a mutual friend, and the sex was honestly the best of my entire life. We kept fucking every single day until I left.

Even after I returned home, I couldn’t stop thinking about him. So, as the clown that I was, I offered to pay for his flight to Lagos for a weekend. I didn’t even have money like that, so I don’t know what possessed me.

Anyway, he accepted, we had a passionate weekend and he left. The jazz cleared from my eyes when I realised that he had stolen some stuff from me. I called to confront him, but he had already blocked me everywhere.

Jennifer, 24/Female/Straight

My current boyfriend has fully dickmatised me. Like, the sex is so good that I felt the need to write it on his birthday cake this year. The inscription was: “I love you and your penis”.

I couldn’t make eye contact with the vendor while placing the order. Now, whenever I look back at the pictures of the cake, I wonder what was doing me. My boyfriend said even the dispatch rider wouldn’t stop laughing.

Tobi, 20/Male/Gay

I travelled abroad for the Christmas holidays with my family, so I decided to get a taste of the local cuisine. I downloaded a gay dating app and found a black guy really close to where I was staying. 

It was his workplace, so he suggested that we meet after he closed. We connected instantly. I never mess around on the first meet-up, but that was the first of many breaks in character I would have because of him

This man has me hopping trains in the middle of the night for sex. I spent about 200 pounds on trips to see him. Even when I found out about his wife and kid, I still couldn’t stop. 

I had fully caught feelings. The day I was leaving London, I went to his workplace and we had sex in a conference room. I cried and begged him to run away with me, but he obviously turned me down. 

Chinny, 27/Female/Straight

I rarely enjoy sex, so when this guy gave me the best sex of my life — which resulted in multiple orgasms — I knew I was in trouble. I became super-focused on him after that.

We weren’t even dating, but I completely stopped having sex with other people for him. I spent all my time and money on him. I even cut off my sugar daddies for him. 

I remember the moment that I realised I had lost all common sense. It was a Saturday and it had rained heavily the previous night. None of the cabs I ordered agreed to come to my end.

I still didn’t hear word. I decided to risk it and fly multiple buses just to see this man. While the driver was manoeuvring the flood, I kept questioning my decisions as a woman.

Even though I’ve blocked him everywhere for the sake of my sanity, I know the spell hasn’t completely worn off. I still can’t seem to think of any other person in a sexual way.

David, 24/Male/Bisexual

This year was the first time I had penetrative sex with a guy, and it was incredible. It was so mind-blowing that I actually ended up risking my life for it to happen again.

For some context, I am diabetic. So, I’ve been extra cautious during this pandemic (since I’m more at risk of dying). Still, when this man called me to come over, I didn’t hesitate for a second.

On my way to his place, my common sense kept yelling at me to turn back, but my horniness prevailed. Thankfully, I’m still alive. Would I go back if he calls me again? Most likely. 

Folake, 23/Female/Straight 

When I was in uni, I saw this guy at an event and just kinda knew he was the one. Not the one, as in for love, but the one I could catch cruise with. So, I found him on Instagram, flirted a bit and we became a thing.

None of the guys I had slept with up until that point knew what they were doing. With him, the sex was great. I didn’t even know I could squirt or that getting eaten out wasn’t meant to feel like my clitoris was getting chewed.

So, after getting supplied with numerous daily orgasms, I knew I was completely dickmatised. Every day during my lunch break, I would leave work just to get dick from him.

One time, I showed up unannounced and met him with some other girl. I didn’t even care. That’s when I knew that he could get married and I would still be there. 

This lasted for about a year until I got pregnant. He actually wanted me to have the baby, but I refused. We fought about it, and after I finally got rid of it, he stopped speaking to me.



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