This year, we documented a wide range of experiences from women of all backgrounds. In today’s What She Said, we highlight some of these stories. From the divorcee dating again to the first-class law graduate, these are stories of women living life on their own terms — our 2020 must-reads!

1. What She Said: What We Hate About Being Married

In this story, we asked women from different parts of Africa about their marriage experiences. The answers form a wide range of experiences — from the woman who hates sharing a room with her husband to the woman who doesn’t want to have kids.

2. What She Said: “I Make Music For Bad Bitches”

If you don’t know who Amaarae is, you should do better. In this conversation, she talks about her recent album, her relationship with her mum and the world and why success for her is “when women in Africa are given the tools to be great and I can use my platform to enable that type of growth within our community.”

3. What She Said: To Turn 30 Years No Be Crime

For many women around the world, ageing is a curse. The older an unmarried woman gets, the harder it is to feel wanted by society. The 36-year-old woman in this story talks not wanting to get married or have kids, and why she loves getting older.

4. What She Said: How To Date After A Divorce

More on living life on your terms, the woman in this story is a recent divorcee who gives us the gist on what it’s like dating again; she also has some advice for us.

5. What She Said: I Lost A Leg At 19, But That Hasn’t Stopped Me

Chioma lost a leg in an accident at 19, and as said in the title, that didn’t stop her. She talks about adapting to the change, difficulties that come up and getting a first-class degree in law school. 

6. What She Said: I Didn’t Expect To Be A Fourth Wife At 27 But I’m Happy

Choosing to marry a 61-year-old man who already had three wives when she was 27 was an easy decision for this woman. She’s 29 now and walks us through the unique dynamics of her married life.

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