Hello friends of Zikoko,

The last time we chatted, I was waxing lyrical about the hottest women’s festival in Nigeria, HERtitude. And if you were among the 1,500 women who showed up, you know Zikoko delivered the hottest festival for the hottest women in Lagos.

Today, I bring you a Zikoko festival in the works since 2019: Burning Ram.

Burning Ram is a meat festival bringing you and other food enthusiasts, creators and curators together to celebrate the Nigerian culture of meat and grill. We’re inviting you to enjoy the best suya, kilishi, asun, burgers, and interesting takes on common Nigerian meat snacks on September 30, 2023.

Why is Zikoko doing this?

The short answer: for your enjoyment.

You must enjoy

The better answer: A conversation around the lack of African cuisine representation in global conversations is brewing, and Burning Ram is our response. We’re elevating the world’s perception of food, one African dish at a time, by bringing together 3000 people to experience a world of expert grilling, spicing and meat.

Burning Ram is not just an event about meat; our goal is to become pioneers of innovation, conversation and new experiences around African cuisine, starting with meat in Nigeria. Changing perceptions and appreciating a culture’s cuisine is a gradual process, and it starts with one plate, one dish, and one experience at a time.

This is a big goal, and yes, we need your help to make it happen.

Why should you attend Burning Ram? 

If you love having a good time with your friends and family. If you love meat — from suya to kilishi that tastes like a rainy evening in Abuja. If you’re not afraid of trying new things, like akara burgers, then you should only be at Burning Ram on Saturday, September 30.

What to expect at Burning Ram

We promise you a spectacle. The festival will feature various activities including firebreather performances, eating contests, cooking competitions, tutorials, and music. Food lovers will have an opportunity to try out different types of meat in one place. 

Fans of Zikoko VRSUS will also enjoy the Suya VRSUS Wars, which will feature a culinary chef versus a mallam. A suya-making tutorial class is another activity that participants can look forward to at the festival.

We’re also running a raffle draw where one lucky attendee will win an actual ram. Yes, you read right. An actual live ram won to be prepared by experts and sent to the winner. 

Be the first to get more details about these activities and find out when ticket sales begin by signing up here.

Interested in becoming a sponsor?

Burning Ram is bringing together over 3000 food enthusiasts, chefs, families, students, professionals, tourists and more. To share a part of this vision, kindly reach out to us here.

How do you become a vendor?

You want to showcase your take on meat and everything that can be paired with it at Burning Ram, then register as a vendor, and we’ll be in touch in a couple of weeks.

Burning Ram promises to be an exciting festival for food lovers and meat enthusiasts. Come hungry.



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