Sexiness, like many things in life is quite subjective. What makes a woman “sexy” might not necessarily be what makes her feel sexy. So, we asked 10 Nigerian women aged 20-54 what makes them feel sexy.

When people can’t take their eyes off of me

I feel my sexiest when I know someone is consumed by my presence. I like knowing I have a specific effect on people. So, when they prove I have that effect on them by watching me, absorbing my presence, it makes me feel sexy as hell. As long as they don’t try talking to me. I went out recently and as I stood up to leave the restaurant, I felt eyes follow me. When we locked eyes, I winked and smiled. I felt extremely sexy.

Rita, 20

When I’m having sex

To me, there’s nothing sexier than actually having sex. All the lies and truths my partners utter fuel my already large ego. There’s something sexy about knowing you’re the reason a person is acting the way they are, or feeling the things they do. Causing people’s orgasms will always make me feel sexy, because in that moment I am in charge.

Titi, 20


When I smoke, I feel like my body is fluid and I can do anything. Other than that, I don’t ever really feel sexy. Last year was the last time I had an “I feel sexy” moment. I adjust smoked when I walked by a mirror. I looked at myself and started dancing to non-existent music. I kept thinking to myself that I am very sexy.

Anita, 21

My body

I sometimes look at myself and feel turned on. I am sexiest when I am aware of my body. The last time I felt sexy was when I stood naked in front of my full length mirror and just examined myself. The light was low and I had music playing. I felt like god.

Morenike, 25

My state of mind

When I have cleared everything on my desk and I know I have absolutely nothing else to do, then I take a bath and use shower gel instead of a bar of soap. I just soak in all the bubbles and drink red wine while music is playing. Then, I wear something satiny and get into bed.

Ella, 28


There’s nothing sexier than a woman who is full of joy. So whenever I am at my happiest, most joyful, I feel sexiest. When I got my Masters degree, got married, held my child for the first time, bought my first car, and get a chance to have brunch with my friends are times I have felt the sexiest and it was an amazing feeling.

Bimpe, 32

A great pair of heels

I feel sexy most of the time because I am naturally sexy, but wearing a great pair of heels makes me feel confident and well put together. You can’t channel sexy without confidence. Being well groomed and put together amplifies the sexy feelig.

Zafirah, 35

Nothing beats comfort

When I am comfortable, I am in my element. I am the best version of myself possible, and I think you can only be sexy when you’re the best version of yourself. The best way for me to feel sexy is to just unlock a new level of comfort. Comfort in my skin, clothes, actions and anything else.

Martha, 38

Power is sexy

Anything that means I have complete power over a situation makes me feel sexy. It could be giving a presentation at work. The last time I felt sexy was when I gave a welcome back to work speech. People were hanging on to every word I said, and I felt extremely powerful. In that moment and at that time, I was the sexiest woman in the world.

Adaeze, 41

When my husband tells me I look good

When I wear nice clothes that compliment my curves, have on the right amount of make-up that flatters my look and my husband tells me I look gorgeous. That’s when I feel sexy. When all these things happen combined.

Adesuwa, 54



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