Before we get into this gist, here’s a little backstory.

So some people on Twitter said that’s it’s wrong to eat at a restaurant and not tip the waiters. When other people pointed out that we live in a society where money no too dey like that, the pro-tip people said that anyone who can’t afford to tip, shouldn’t be going to restaurants (i.e. sit at home and eat rice).

That was how, in a bid to explain that many Nigerian restaurants have terrible servers who don’t deserve tips, TwitterNG was flooded with stories of shitty restaurant experiences

Here are the funniest ones we found.

Kini ‘steak’?

The Salted Fly

Holy Shit!

The Rat With Insect DNA.

The Stern Waitress

The Man Who Was Shown Pepper

Ratatouille: Remy Bulks Up And Opens His Own Restaurant

Damsel In Distress

Bob’s Bony Burgers

Written & Directed by M. Night Shyamalan

Spaghetti Egusinese

African Mac & Cheese

Robbery in Broad Daylight

Welcome To Joes’s Apartment Restaurant

Seafood Okra: Ibadan Drift



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