As misogynistic, incoherent, and unrealistic as the Nigerian version of wife material is, it has got nothing on the Zeeworld’s version. The storylines are not the only annoying thing about Zeeworld, the standards women have to keep up with in their relationships with men are too. Here’s a Zeeworld Women’s Guide to landing a husband.

1. Rule number one- Submission is the key.

zikoko - Zeeworld Women's Guide

Never forget your place as the woman. Never get carried away, you are their to submit to the man and bend to his every wish. If he says jump, sis you ask “How high my Lord?”

2. Whatever you do never fault the man.

zikoko - Zeeworld Women's Guide

Absolve him of every guilt and just chest everything he does. Your love will conquer all his shortcomings. Find a way to backtrack the blame and guilt back to you.

3. Be prepared to chest a family member that does not like you. 

There’s always that family member that won’t like you. Smother them with love and respect too, no matter how rude and mean they get, never loose your cool.

4. If he is cheating, just wait it out. 

zikoko- Zeeworld Women's Guide

Treat it like a phase and continue to pray and fast for him. You will share him with another woman for a while before he realizes that you are indeed his one true love. And then all the heartache he put you through will be worth it.

5. Have no career. 

zikoko - Zeeworld Women's Guide

All you have to do is sit pretty at home every day. True love is your ambition and marriage is your reward.

5. Get waterproof mascara because you will be crying a lot. 

Zikoko - Zeeworld Women's Guide

Yes dear. You will cry in the morning, in the afternoon and at night too.

6. He might be verbally and even physically abusive too.

But don’t you dare leave him because he is your one true love. And like everybody knows, we all get only one true love in our lifetime.

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