Since I started writing Letters #ToHER, I’ve come across the sweetest words shared between friends. But I’ve also seen best friends that barely care to hug each other. So, I’ve come to the conclusion that the most successful friendships always fit into one of these 10 duos.

The babe that has at least five foundations lined up in her drawer: 

And the friend that can’t do makeup to save her life :

Is a friendship really complete if one friend doesn’t always need help getting ready for events? I can’t imagine such.

The friend that goes on the wildest dates and brings all the tea:

And the friend that’s planning to marry her secondary school crush:

Don’t you just love a duo with one friend who shows wickedness on the streets and another who tensions everyone on social media with “God when” vibes? 

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The ballsy friend that doesn’t take crap from anybody:

The ajebo friend that needs ginger to try new things:

Blood Sisters is one movie that sums up what this type of friendship looks like. You have the babe that’s willing to kill for her friend and the babe that’ll ride or die with her crazy friend.

The planner:

The carefree friend that trusts the universe to decide what happens in life:

Someone has to take charge of the future while the other person schedules periods to calm down.

The besties who have their periods in sync and have an attitude together:

Every real friendship has to be sealed by tears, blood and period cramps.

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The anxious friend that doesn’t realise how smart she is:

The friend that’s always on standby to hype her bestie:

Every girl needs a babe friend that’ll hype her up unprovoked and knows exactly how to get her energy up.

The bestie who’s a social media influencer:

And the bestie that has to give feedback before every video and picture goes up and still hypes a post like she’s never seen it in her life:

Behind every creative is a bestie who doubles as a manager and hype woman.

The bestie who’s married,  a hot mum and premium pie:

And the bestie who’s single and prefers to play the rich aunty role forever: 

Imagine the joy of getting to play mummy and returning the kids back to their real mummy when you’re over them. That’s the joy of every rich aunty out there.

The gym babe that’s all about the squats:

And the bestie that has the superpower to eat five times a day without adding weight:

How can we all benefit from the superpower of eating without spending the whole day sucking in our tummies? These are global issues we need to address. 

The pasta babe that only wants to eat out:

And the bestie who doubles as an accountant:

It’s either your bestie goes broke and spends months on your couch, or you put on your accountant hat and play devil’s advocate anytime she wants to squander money in the name of enjoyment.

The ride-or-die besties that only say  “I love you” once in a blue moon

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