A lot of people tend to believe that the worse part of periods is the bleeding. Sure, waking up in a pool of your own blood isn’t great, but there are definitely things worse.

1) Cramps

Periods are extremely painful and for what? Uterine wall shedding should not cause as much pain as it sometimes does. Whoever thought to include cramps in the period package needs to be flogged.

2) Mood swings

Happy now and then you’re angry in two minutes. You decide to watch a comedy but you’rre crying because a character fell down. You’re a mess because your hormones are using your emotions to play tinko-tinko. It sucks.

3) Bloating

You might be fasting for months, but your stomach will be in a constant state of heaviness. Feeling full is an understatement. It’s almost like someone pumped your stomach with gas.

4) Diarrhoea

We all agree that pooping is one of the least creative ways our body passes waste. No imagination, no flavour. Quite robotic actually. With periods, not only do you have to engage in the most boring activity, but it will happen multiple times in a day.

5) Cravings

Pineapple juice that you used to drink when you were five years old is suddenly the only thing on your mind. In fact, the cravings can consume you. It’s all you’d be able to think about until you satisfy the craving. You’d think that kind of thing was limited to pregnant women only, but Mother Nature delights in causing trouble.

6) Painful breasts

If someone mistakenly hits your breasts when you are on your period, you’d be overcome by a world of pain. Tender and painful breasts are definitely worse than changing a pad a couple of times because of blood.

7) Fatigue

No matter how long you sleep, you still wake up tired. The smallest task seems like it will take a mountain of energy. Your eyes are half closed all the time because your body just wants to rest.



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