We’ve called out every type of girl that comes out to play when money hits their account, but what do the cool Gen Z women absolutely say no to spending their money on? Let’s find out.


Whenever you feel your mumu button coming on, call a Gen Z babe. These girls aren’t out there trying to be sugar mummies to any man, please. They’re the sugar babies that only expect princess treatment. We don’t have money, please.


It’s giving itchy and hella stressful in this heat. A true Gen Z babe is committed to gold or purple hair dyes and low cuts. Anything other than that should be braided. Where are you people seeing money to spend on wigs abeg?

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Physical books

Millennials always brag about the beauty of a hardback novel, but who wants to spend ₦5k or ₦10k on paperbacks when we can read Wattpad and Medium? 


These women aren’t falling for the standards of love set by Hollywood and Nollywood in the 1980s, please. It’s cute to buy them, but to buy things that will end up withered is not on the priority list for Gen Z queens. What will we use the flower to do? Send the money instead, thanks.

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Designer clothes

SHEIN is the pasta version of fashion for the Gen Zs. So if you’re out here flaunting the thousands of dollars you spent on Gucci, good luck to you because the highest they’ll do is borrow it from you. 


Gen Zs are like the last borns of the house. When you’re young and free, the millennials and baby boomers should be able to cover the bills because they’re the elders. Anything that involves a good time should be sponsored. We just want to have fun.

Anything and everything

The truth is, Gen Zs are generally liars and will do anything for aesthetics on their timelines. So, from overpriced pasta to the latest corset craze, they’re all over it and ready to spend their life savings in a heartbeat to maintain their drip. SMH.

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