Have you ever watched a romantic film with the relationship of your dreams and it suddenly clicked that you deserve more, or that your expectations aren’t too high? I picked seven Nigerian movies that will make you raise your standards for love.


 Isoken remained single at 34 in a Nigerian household, and when she finally falls in love, it is with a white man. Anyone willing to overcome their family and parents’ conventional beliefs to be with you is definitely a green flag.

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Namaste Wahala

Do you realise how brave you must be to recognise that your Igbo and Indian parents act irrationally when it comes to marriage, and then try to go against them? You may have a death wish, but there is nothing more romantic than defying your parents’ desires for the sake of love. 

The Royal Hibiscus Hotel

If a man doesn’t come to buy my family’s legacy hotel, fall in love with me in a week, plan the most elaborate date and then buy said hotel just to give it back, I don’t want. Watching this movie will remind you that Nigerian men can be romantic, and maybe it’s time to dump that guy in your dms who texts you once in three days.

Flower Girl

Nothing is cuter than a woman trying to reinvent herself for a dumb man with the help of a friend and then falling in love with herself. But that isn’t why we’re here. Do you realise how hopelessly in love you must be to have a daughter like the protagonist Dami? Her parents stole the show with how adorable their relationship was. They were both nosy about their daughter’s love life. They bullied each other like friends and made me feel like you could hack this love thing if you just marry your best friend. 

The Wedding Party

Never mind Dunni and Dozie’s snooze fest of a love story; instead, focus on Dunni’s parents’ connection instead of. A Nigerian woman who didn’t kill her husband for making them impoverished again, a man who supports all of his wife’s rights and wrongs, and parents who were willing to call off the wedding at any time for their child? Come on. I don’t care for the part where they started from the bottom and are now at the top, but look at Dunni’s and Dozie’s parents and tell me why these guys shouldn’t be the standard.

Blood Sisters

I know that this movie isn’t about romance but hear me out: Yinka and Femi. That’s it. Were they extraordinarily foolish and good at making bad decisions? Yes, but at least they made it together as a couple. And how often do we see couples in films who are that devoted to one another? If they don’t raise your standards, they’ll at least increase your expectations for how much sex a married couple should have.

Telling my kid’s that this is Romeo and Juliet.

Knocking on Heaven’s Door

How many men would be willing to fight spiritual and physical battles to get you? Not a lot tbh and I don’t blame them.  It was one thing for Majid Michel’s character to fight his addiction and get clean so that Adesuwa might give him a chance, but when he was ready to fight the church for her sake? Yessss! Have you ever had to fight people in a Nigerian church? is that not true love?

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