I don’t like exposing my women, but men are always trying to know what happens in girls’ group chats. So out of the kindness of my heart, I decided to let you guys in on some of the things we do on there. 

Plot on the many creative ways to bill men

How do you think we become very creative when it comes to billing men? You think it just happens randomly? These things are well thought out and planned in our  group chat.  We even create strategy documents and ginger ourselves to go forth into the world and bill men. Where  do you think Nigerian women get the audacity to text you and ask for money after not talking to you for four years? 

Pick each other’s outfits for sugar daddy appointments

Because we can’t allow any of our friends to drop the bag. We have to get our girls prepped and ready to slay.

Plan our TikTok challenges 

We share  links of all the TikTok challenges we want to recreate, then agree on two major ones. Then we decide on outfits, locations, hairstyles, etc. To do TikTok is a whole production o. How do you think we did the “Don’t Rush” challenge back then?

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Discuss new sex positions we would like to try out 

Just in case other people in the group chat have tried these positions and can give tips to those of us who want to try them out. Women helping women, don’t you love to see it? 

Share invites to next witchcraft meeting

Once a month, Nigerian women meet at a certain time of the night, in a certain place to discuss topics such as the many different ways we can show men premium wickedness. How we can stop the government from making stupid decisions about women, etc? 

Choose the next restaurant they’re going to order creamy pasta from

Nigerian women will die if they don’t eat creamy pasta. That’s why we’re constantly checking menus and planning the next place we will go to eat our staple seafood Alfredo.

Come up with ways we can frustrate our partners

Sometimes we need help in coming up with ideas on how to cause drama in our relationships and frustrate our partners  (because simple healthy relationships are boring)  and this is where the girlies of group chat are very helpful.

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