A lot of Nigerian restaurants that consider themselves “fancy” always find a way to overcharge and underdeliver. If you’ve ever found yourself feeling immensely disappointed after a visit to one of these fine establishments, then this post is for you.

1. How the waiters look at you knowing you’re about to finish your money:

“This one is not ready”

2. You, navigating the menu like:

Is it only water I can afford?

3. When the waiter “suggests” the most expensive thing on the menu.

Please, nobody asked you.

4. When you see the portions.

Is that all?

5. You, calculating all the ingredients to see how they got that price:

This shit don’t add up.

6. You, wondering why you didn’t just cook at home:

Is it pasta I cannot make, abi what?

7. Your mouth realizing the food wasn’t worth the cost.

I’m really a broke clown.

8. When you finally see your bill.

This can’t be right.

9. When you realize they charged you 7k for ambience.

Is it AC and chair I’m paying for?

10. When you see how much tax you have to pay.

Is the food not expensive enough?

11. When the manager comes by to ask if you enjoyed your meal.

Don’t be asking me annoying questions.

12. You, leaving with your empty account:

Nobody sent me oh.



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