1. The Comedian

He/She can’t have a serious conversation and is always cracking jokes.

2. The Fighter

They take everything too seriously, always ready to turn the smallest joke into World War 3.

3. The ‘LOOOL’ Person

Never actually contributes anything sensible, just LMAOO’s and LOOOL’s. You’re starting to wonder if they’re alright mentally.

4. The Lover

Always talking about their relationship and how much they love it. Na them love pass.

5. The Gossip Girl

They don’t care that your aunty just died. Gbemi cheating on her husband is more important.

6. The Watcher

Don’t say anything at all. They just read everyone’s gist and keep quiet.

7. The Broadcaster

They don’t care whether the BC makes sense, they just know say that if na BC, dem must share am.

8. The People Stuck In The Past

The person that’s always one day late to the chat and spends the whole time trying to understand what’s going on.

9. The Selfie Person

They don’t care about your life, they just want you to tell them their selfies are gorgeous.


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