Romantic partners are always asking for ways to help with the stress of periods. In this article, we’re giving you the scoop. Here are eight things women crave during their period. Apply with caution sha, as every woman likes different things.

1. Money

At the end of the day, money stops nonsense. If you really want to help, start by crediting her account. Dollars is the best way to go but she can also manage Naira. 

2. Sex

From the days leading up to the period and a few days in between, women get super horny. It’s ironic because sex is the exact reason your uterus is trying to kill you, so maybe it’s karma? Like your uterus is telling you,  “Since you didn’t fuck to get me pregnant, I’ll make you horny and you can’t do anything about it! I dare you to try me!” Why does our body love working against us? If you’re freaky enough to try it, come and tell us on Sex Life.

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3. Wickedness

We have to balance the scales of nature. Why are we suffering for five days and you’re smiling? No. You too must suffer. Don’t take it personal; it’s not about you. 

4. Everything sweet

If it’s not chocolate, it’s sweets or ice cream. The funny part is how we convince ourselves that the calories don’t matter because the bloating will go away. Then two weeks after your period, you’ve gained 10 kg. Honestly, I’m tired.

5. Pepper

Apart from showing you pepper, she has to eat it. There’s something about spicy pepper soup or spicy noodles that does the trick. So if you don’t know how to cook any of these foods, please stay away from us. 

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6. Hot water flasks

If you can’t cook, buy her a hot water flask and make sure it’s always within reach. The heat helps with horrible cramps. If she has horrible cramps and you help her with this, she’ll love you forever.

7. Sleep

Trying to sleep on your period is difficult but when it comes, it’s the best thing that can happen… at least until our uterus stabs you back to life.

8. Absolutely nothing

Leave her alone! Yes. Sometimes, she just wants the world to disappear. So just doing nothing is fine. Don’t talk to her, look at her or even think about her. If you do decide to gift her anything, leave it at the door and go away.

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