Everybody knows surviving a period is hard work. Anyone bleeding from their vagina should be pampered. Here’s a list of things to include in a period care package. 

period products in a box

1. Chocolate

I know it will cause more pain later but something about sugar while you’re hurting makes everything a bit better. 

2. Tea 

Tea is always a good addition to a care package. Hot tea helps to ease period pain. Some favourites are chamomile tea, green tea or good ol Lipton black tea. 

3. Food

Preferably something easy to eat and doesn’t need cooking like snacks or dried fruits. 

4. Money 

This one should be a no-brainer. We have to be able to buy things that will soothe us while we are in pain. Try it first and see if the snapping won’t reduce. 

5. Period products 

It’s always a good idea to buy someone you care about period products because they are increasingly expensive these days and we always need them. 

6. Wine 

I have a friend who swears that alcohol kills period pain. It’s never worked for me but wine helps me feel better. 

7. Condoms 

For blood-sucking vampires. 

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