There’s a lot of creepy behavior directed towards Nigerian women that have been annoyingly normalized. Most of them are often masked as jokes, so the perpetrators expect women to laugh over them. But perverted behavior is perverted behavior, and because we can only deal with one pandemic at a time, we will appreciate it if y’all stopped doing these things.

1. Catcalling.

It’s a real tragedy that there may never be enough adjectives to describe just how annoying, disrespectful and disgusting catcalling is.

2. Toasters who won’t accept a No.

It’s not cute if you keep badgering a woman who has repeatedly said no. You are walking a fine line to harassment and you need to stop.

3. Random men touching us in public places.

Absolutely unacceptable in every sense. Normalise keeping your hands to yourself.

4. Random men giving us pet names in public

zikoko - Nigerian women

We have names for a reason. Use them please.

5. Men standing very close to us in public spaces. 

zikoko - Nigerian women

It’s a queue, not a sandwich. Please shift.

6. Compliments about our bodies from strangers.

zikoko - Nigerian women

If we don’t roll like that then we don’t roll like that. Keep the lewd comments for people who you have that kind of relationship with.

7. Men staring at our cleavage in public.

zikoko - Nigerian women

Again, this is not OK behaviour.

This is a list of 7 things Nigerian women don’t have to apologise for being angry about, and while you are here, you should read this too: 7 Ways To Deal With Workplace Sexual Harassment.



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