Apparently going on a date is not always the perfect romantic exercise the movies have lead us to believe. We asked eight women about their worst dates and some answers sounded like a badly written scene from a low budget romantic comedy.

Alex, 30 – This man took be to a bar!

My worst date was when the man took me to a bar! A bar oh! I got all dressed up and wore heels to be taken to a date at a bar! I didn’t realize that was what he had in mind the whole time. He just drove us to the bar with a silly grin plastered on his face. I sha just went along with it but blocked him afterwards. I was looking forward to champagne and I got shots on shots instead. Affliction shall not rise again.

Nonye, 25 – All he talked about was himself.

We were at the restaurant for 3 hours and all he talked about was himself. I felt like I was attending a class and not actually having a conversation. Like watching a badly scripted reality TV show.

Kehinde, 27- He invited his ex to join us.

We ran into his ex and the man actually invited her to join us. Said I was just a friend.

Precious, 23- He kept touching me.

He picked the right spot, the food was great, the ambience was perfect but I just wasn’t feeling it. He just wasn’t my type. Plus he kept touching me even when he saw it was making me uncomfortable. I don’t even know why I agreed to go on the date with him.

Lilian, 31- The venue was his low budget house.

He said we were going to the movies. The movies turned out to be his one bedroom apartment, his 4 year old HP laptop and some tacky weed. I have suffered in this life sha. One look at the bedroom and I booked me an Uber home. I know I was bored. But not that bored. I’m still waiting for his twitter call out because he seems like the type.

Jasmine, 24- He came with his friends.

I thought we were going to have something intimate with just me and him and some romantic pledges. But he showed up with one of his friends and 1 hour into the date another friend joined him. Why do guys do stuff like that? Apparently it wasn’t a date, it was a hangout. And to think I wore 6 inch Nine West heels for this man. The was definitely the worst date.

Dora, 26- He stood me up.

The man stood me up. 3 times! Why did I keep falling for it? One question I keep asking myself. Later found out he actually has a girlfriend.

Ada, 24- It was a blind date.

It was a blind date,  saw the guy for the first time and was disappointed asf.

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