Since Nigerian women have decided to wear wigs during sex, we’ve devised a list of creative ways to take advantage it. Seeing as they didn’t realise they were coming for serious business, we’d make the most of the situation. 

Rotate it around your head 

According to the Zikoko Bureau of Statistics, people rotate things over their heads to show excitement. You can spin your wig around to show your enthusiasm for the activity. 

Put it on your partner’s head

If you look pretty with a wig on, then people wear wigs to look pretty? So if two plus two is four and five plus five is ten, then that means your partner will look pretty with a wig on?  

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Use it to wipe their sweat 

If any of you start to sweat during the session, you could use the wig as a handkerchief. 

Fan yourself with it 

If the sweat is just too much, and you’d rather receive small breeze, you could use the wig to blow air on both of you. A kind and considerate queen. 

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It can serve as a whip, gag or blindfold. The sky is your beginning with this one. 

Turn it to a pillow 

Your wig can serve as support for the head, leg, any part of the body you wish to elevate. 

Roleplay with it 

Spread the wig on the bed while you get down, and pretend you’re on grass. Depending on the quality, the hair strands may even look like scratch marks. 

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