We all know losing weight is tough, but gaining weight flips both the script and the switch on that struggle. Even more so because people never take your struggle seriously. Apparently, if the issue being discussed is weight then weight gain takes all the attention while weight loss remains the underrated topic no one ever takes seriously. But because over here we care, here are 5 struggles we know have been too real for you:

1. You are already in a BDSM with food.

You eat everything but your collar bone remains unbothered.

2. People calling you lekpa.

zikoko - Trying To Gain Weight

I will knock off your teeth just now.

3. When you gain a little weight but lose it all after you fall sick

Back to square one on top small malaria.

4. You are always binging on egovin.

zikoko - Trying To Gain Weight

Because they said Egovin is the way, the truth and the light to gaining weight.

5. People constantly downplaying your problem.

zikoko - Trying To Gain Weight

Because weight loss took all the shine and nobody takes weight gain seriously.


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