If you’ve ever tried to lose weight we know how hard it was for you fam. The next time someone tells you it’s not as hard as you are saying it is, send them this list fam.

It all starts with;

1. The initial realization that life without food will be tough.

Because food is actually very sweet. And you don’t realize it when you make the decision to lose weight, you realize it when you eat your first weight loss recommended food.

2. The subsequent realization that weight loss food is actually expensive.

Shopping for weight loss food items is even like going on a treasure hunt. Like who sells brown rice and brown sugar?

3. Then the realization that weightloss food is not even sweet.

I could be eating pounded yam and egusi with enough roadblocks but i’m stuck here with broccoli and beans.

4. When you realize that no carbs translates to jollof and no pounded yam too.

Is it even possible to stay alive in this Nigeria without eating rice and swallow?

5. Being tired because your body is protesting against all the carb withdrawal you’ve forced yourself into.

Seriously, body no be firewood.

6. You calculating your cheat days.

And seriously considering making every day a cheat day.

7. Every time you see food pictures on your timeline.

zikoko - Tried To Lose Weight

Why is it the world so unsupportive? 

8. When you’re at a party and the party jollof comes around.

zikoko - Tried To Lose Weight

Take this glorious temptation away from me please.

9. When you eventually start losing weight but it’s your boobs and ass that are most hit.

zikoko - Tried To Lose Weight

What manner of wickedness is this?

10. When you finally cave in and eat some good food because at the end of the day, Jesus loves you exactly the way you are.

zikoko - Tried To Lose Weight


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