If like me, you’re a wallflower and you spend the majority of your time at any party observing the room, then you’ve definitely noticed these annoying people on this list. They’re at every party, ready to make what should be a fun time a shit show.

1) The Loud ones:

These people will get the tiniest bit of alcohol in their system and immediately start screaming everything they mean to say at the top of their lungs. You might recognize them as the ones that shout “NA MY JAM BE THAT!” when the DJ plays literally any song. How is every song your jam? Are you mad?

2) The fighters:

These are almost the same as the loud ones except they turn into the incredible hulk (sans the super-strength) when they drink and proceed to fight everyone about everything. Much like the guy in the picture above, they always end up getting hilariously kicked/thrown out of the party.

3) The ones on their phones:

You see them sitting/standing in a corner, furiously typing away on their phones as if their lives depend on whatever it is they’re doing and it just makes you wonder: WHY DID YOU EVEN COME HERE IF YOU WERE JUST GOING TO COME HERE AND DO THIS THE WHOLE TIME?!

4) The ones that turn dancing into kung-fu:

These are the ones that go on the dance floor and unintentionally start inflicting injuries on everyone within reach of their flailing limbs as they try (and fail) to replicate popular dance styles. If you’re in their axis when they bust out their zanku, prepare to lose at least two teeth and a toenail.

5) The ones that are just there to make out:

These ones left their house(s) and went to a party just so they could drunkenly suck each other’s faces in front of hundreds of grossed out strangers, setting the stage for a picture of them to be used in a listicle about annoying party guests.


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