So I had a party to attend one day.


And I heard some of my enemies would be in attendance.

Yes oh! All those bad belle people!

So I decided I would show them that I am chopping life and living well!

Enemies will never win!

That’s how I squeezed myself inside one dress and did my make up

Looking like take away!

When I got there I was ready to show myself.


So I entered the dance floor with style.

With all pomp & pageantry!

And started breaking it down.

Hot stepper!

I was giving them “notice me moves”.

Yes. Look at me!

I even did some of my Michael Jackson moves.


Everybody loved it. They even started clapping for me!

“Wow! See moves! Ahn ahn!”

Then I spotted my enemies from across the room looking at me with envy.

I see you looking at me!

So I decided to go and say “hello”.

“So how are you bad belle people this fine day?”

As I was walking towards them, one of my heels broke!

Enemies at work oh!

And before I knew it I was on the floor.

AH! Somebody look at these people’s handwork!

From the floor I could hear my enemies laughing!

After all my planning look at life oh!

To reduce my shame I pretended to faint and waited till an ambulance came to carry me away.

Yes oh! So I should stand up in front of all those people abi?

Since that time whenever I see any of those enemies they look at me like:

Laughing like hyenas.

I don’t even know what was funny I almost died oh!

But for the grace of God go I!

But I will still show them sha!

Because I am badder than!


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