12 Questions Not To Ask Aunty Oby About Running For President

October 8, 2018

Yesterday Aunty Oby declared her bid to run for presidency. Now, this might be the best news we’ve gotten since Burna Boy dropped Ye (our new national anthem).

As expected what is likely to follow after this announcement is a slew of interviews and press runs.

So here’s a public service announcement for all the members of the Nigerian Press. There are a thousand and one questions we should be asking Oby Ezekwesili right now, but they shouldn’t include any of these.

May we meet you?

So what we will call your husband if you win? Is it first husband?

If you become president where will you find the time to be cooking for your husband/will you still be cooking for your husband?

What does your husband think of you running for presidency?

Do you think Nigeria is ready for a female president? Don’t you think you should wait a few years for your turn?

Don’t you think you’d stand a better chance running alongside a man as Vice President?

You can never win, so why are you running?

So if you win how are you going to balance being president with your family life?

If you become president, how do you think it’ll affect your home?

Do you think as a woman you are up to the task of being president?

Did you ask for your husband’s permission before you declared?

What of your pastor? Did you ask for his permission?

As a woman do you think you have what it takes to become the president of Nigeria?

You know you should be asking? About her plans to fix the country’s debt situation, or how she’s going to provide more jobs, or improve national security. Thanks and God bless.

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