For the days you can’t cook, don’t have money or you’re just looking for something to snack on, here’s a list of foods you can eat raw. 


When watching series or movies, instead of plantain chips or popcorn, snack on Indomie. Don’t eat too much sha cause processed noodles are high in sodium. But believe me when I tell you that raw Indomie bangs. 


My colleague, Bolu casually mentioned that people eat ponmo raw. And honestly, that makes sense to me because I don’t see the difference between raw and cooked ponmo; they’re both hard, except for the few that have been cooked properly until they’re soft. 


You know that thing people do when they cook spaghetti? Where they take a small bite of one raw strand before putting everything in the pot? Yep. If you can do that — don’t lie, you’ve done it before — you can eat a whole pack of raw spaghetti. 

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Raw ripe plantain tastes like banana. And if you’re trying to eat healthy and avoid fried foods, just eat your jollof rice with raw plantain. Trust me, it slaps either way,  raw or dodo.


I’m not even joking, okra is actually a vegetable that can be eaten raw, as long as it’s clean. I researched and found out that it’s even safer to eat okra raw.

Ata rodo

You may feel like all your insides are burning, but you can definitely eat fresh pepper raw. Eating raw ata rodo is an excellent way to activate your tastebuds. Try it one day when you’re bored.


Fitness people take raw eggs a lot, so nobody should look at me like it’s not normal. But it doesn’t have any health benefits compared to cooked eggs, so I don’t know why they do it 


I wrote an article about what people ate in boarding school, and someone mentioned raw corn. Let it not be that I’m a crazy person for saying it; people actually eat raw corn, especially the juicy ones. 

Your partner 

At least I can confidently say with my full chest that you’ll like this one. 

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