When it comes to eating food, there are temperature conditions that should be met for maximum enjoyment. We compiled a list of the top seven foods that should definitely be eaten cold.

Oha soup

When life gets hard, cold oha soup is there for you. There are very few things in life that are as delicious as oha soup that has marinated in the fridge for a while. No swallow necessary, just your spoon and a good time. 

French fries 

Hot french fries might be good for some people, but cold french fries will allow you to really enjoy the taste of the potatoes. Pair it with cold ketchup and your taste buds will thank you.

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Some people have been sinning against the food gods by microwaving it before they eat. Something that’s supposed to go from the freezer to your mouth. 


Slurping a cold mango on a hot day can restore your belief in the future of Nigeria. Just slice and eat it like a civilised person.  


Cold bread is superior because it’s filling and accommodates hot sides like eggs and sausages. Make sure whatever you’re eating it with is hot. Titillating delicacy. 

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Fried plantain

Plantains are not meant to cause you pain, but the people who eat them straight from the fire don’t understand that. Let your plantain cool down. Best served with ice cream as the dessert that it is. 

Fried rice 

Fried rice gets spoilt in extreme heat. Isn’t that a sign that it should be eaten cold? Not only does the cold preserve all the serenre in the rice, but it also helps the rice taste better. 

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