Sometimes you’re not in the mood to cook. And you’re also not in the mood to spend money on food, because you don’t have money in the first place.  What’s left is for you to open your fridge and check what you can re-heat. To make it easier for you, we’ve listed seven foods that taste just as good when eaten as leftovers. 

Jollof Rice 

Of course, this is number one on the list. Jollof rice will always bang no matter how many days it’s been kept in the fridge. In fact, the longer it stays, the better it tastes. That’s why it’s a bad bitch.

Banga Soup 

Banga soup bangs —pun intended — when you have to re-heat it. This is because by the second day, all the juices in the soup have settled and everything has mixed well. Because let’s be honest, Banga soup was never created to be eaten on the first day.

Ofada Stew

Keeping ofada stewand re-heating it days after makes the pepper settle well and come out stronger which then makes the rice —or whatever you’re eating it with— taste better. And this is why it’s a top tier leftover food, especially if you’re a fan of spicy food. 

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Stir-fry spaghetti that is re-fried in a pan tastes amazing. It tastes just as if you just made it. If it’s plain spaghetti you have leftover, simply mix it with any stew you have while heating and you have yourself some Jollof spaghetti.   


Wait, before you cancel me, hear me out. You can eat eba the next day and it’ll still slap just as if you just made it. There are two ways this can work: re-heat the eba in a microwave, or make sure your soup is really hot and eat it with the cold eba. You’ll thank me for this. 


The only thing about eating yam as a leftover is that it should be eaten the next day. If not, the yam becomes too hard to eat. There’s no need to waste that extra yam that you couldn’t eat. Eat it with eggs or stew the next day. 

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Fried plantain

This only works if you’re warming the plantain in a microwave and eating it with any type of rice afterwards. That’s when it hits. 


Ogbono tastes the same no matter how long it’s been left over for. And that means you can always count on it whenever you’re thinking of what to warm and eat. 


In fact, I’ll argue that leftover suya tastes better than suya you buy and eat on the same day. There’s just something different about the way the meat tastes after it’s been kept in the fridge. It’s hard to explain. It then tastes so much better when you add it to noodles. 


Porridge beans is another meal that can be eaten as a leftover no matter how long it has stayed in the fridge. That’s why that a lot of Nigerian households use large pots to cook beans so that if there’s nothing else to eat, there’ll always be beans. And it would still bang. Just eat it with plantain or agege bread. 

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