Food is sweet, but sometimes it can be what’s working against you in this life. I’m talking about how food can give you serious diarrhoea and literally clear out your system. Beware of the foods I’ve listed below because they may have you spending quality time on your toilet. 

Egusi soup

Egusi will give you a running stomach if you don’t cook it well or if it’s not properly stored. One time in uni, my roommate gave me egusi she’d cooked at home. I honestly should have known better than to eat it because the next day, I ran from church to my hostel because I was very close to shitting myself. 

Efo Riro

Any soup majorly made up of vegetable will send you to the toilet. This is because vegetables contain a lot of fibre. You can either poop like a normal person or sleep on your toilet seat, depending on the soup and the amount of vegetable inside.

Peppery stew 

I’m talking about the Yoruba stew, the one that can make you blind if it enters your eye. This type of stew knows how to scatter somebody’s stomach, and that’s because too much pepper is known to cause diarrhoea.


Akara is basically fried beans. Cooked beans runs the tummy like nothing else does so imagine when it’s blended and then fried. 


Let me confess, I initially added avocado because I have a personal beef with the fruit. I don’t think it should exist. And from the research I just did, I found out avocados are high in magnesium which attracts water to soften poo.

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This for my lactose-intolerant friends who don’t like to hear word. They always seem to forget that there are consequences to their actions. Milk or any form of dairy will fuck your stomach up. Please, be kind to yourself.

Ayamase stew 

Ayamase (Ofada) stew is basically a lot of pepper fried in a lot of oil. You should be able to see the running stomach coming from a mile away. But this stew is one of the best things to come out of this country so it’s understandable that you still persist to eat it.

Beans and eggs 

Before you say anything, yes, beans and eggs is a meal normal human beings eat. But just know when you eat it, you’ll be spending quality time on whatever toilet is near you. 

Aloe vera juice 

I don’t know why anyone in the world would drink this. But just for the sake of those who want to try it, be prepared to do all your office work from your toilet. 

Important message: There are people out there who intentionally try to give themselves diarrhoea. I beg you in the name of Amala, and other good things that exist in this world, stop it. It’s not healthy, and it’s a sign you may have an eating disorder. 

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