Nigerians believe the weirdest things. From women that are half fish, and snake swallowing money, to how rubbing agbalumo on the wall makes it sweeter. Here are the most ridiculous Nigerian food superstitions I’ve ever heard. 

1. If you eat sugarcane at night and don’t sweep it away, you’ll have bad luck and craw-craw 

I was already screaming at the thought of having bad luck just because I forgot to sweep and they had the audacity to add craw-craw to the mix. 

2. If you swallow an orange seed, it’ll grow in your head

If I count all the orange seeds I’ve swallowed in this life, I should have an orchard chilling on my head by now.  

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3. If you eat two plantains joined together, you’ll give birth to twins

So by this logic, if I cut that plantain into two… 

5. If you eat mango and garri, you’ll die 

Why would you even eat mango after you eat garri? Why are you making two bad bitches fight for dominance in your stomach? Is that not wickedness?

6. Eating snail and grasscutter makes children sluggish 

First of all, why are you even eating a grasscutter? They look like rat’s and I’ve never seen a rat and wanted to eat it. As for the snail, that one is their business. Sluggishness no dey kill. 

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7. Eating the butt of a chicken will make you a talkative

Look at that person in your life who talks too much and now you know why they are the way they are. It makes no sense, but if you’re eating something that bitter, the least it can do is give you the ability to talk about it in detail. 

 8. Fish head and gizzard are for the firstborn 

I’ve always known that being a first child comes with some perks because, yes, I agree. It’s true. Let’s leave it like that.

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