Foods have different levels of chemistry, much in the same way people do. Beans isn’t any different. If you love beans, then here are seven foods that make the experience even better.


If Captain America were a meal, he’d be beans and bread. Nobody knows exactly what makes it so delicious. Is it the beans, or is it the bread? No one knows. These two foods have so much chemistry that eating them just makes you feel so good inside. Beans and bread should be a love language.

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This OG combo needs no introduction. It’s second only to bread and beans — and that is even debatable in some circles. Plantain already takes the winning prize for “Best in Side Dish”. If beans were Batman, plantain would be Robin.


Desperate times require desperate measures. Garri and Beans is a meal for desperate times. This combo reminds you of the better times. Eating beans with garri while managing your last ₦1,000 hits really hard. But if you’re bougie and missing the trenches, it also works.


We don’t know why but suya makes everything so much better. Maybe it’s because of all the darkness that goes into making it.

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Fried Eggs

This is a meal for people who want to say, “Do your worst!” to their digestive system but simply haven’t had the chance. It’s giving bravery. If you’re looking to up your protein intake, then this is definitely your thing.


Eat groundnut alone and your body will remind you that you’re still in the trenches. But eat it with beans, and see how you look like a 19th-century colonial master.


If you’ve tried this combination before, you know it’s heaven. The corn can be added as a garnish to the beans or taken as a side dish. Either way, the combo bangs.


What’s the difference between pap and custard? We don’t really know, but someone said it’s the same as the difference between Island and Mainland Lagos. Here’s what we do know, though: they both go really well with beans, especially on a Sunday morning.


This deserves a honorable mention. We don’t know why people enjoy this combo but our theory is that it’s one of those mediocre foods that get a lot of praise; like caviar.

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