Avocado eaters think they have special powers because they eat the most boring and unassuming fruit in the world. They indeed have special powers because one would need a superpower to eat such a fruit (if it’s even supposed to be called a fruit). 

This is what avocado eaters think they are:

1. Cool

It’s the joke of thinking they’re cool for me. Avocado is the least cool fruit there is, and we are indeed what we eat. There’s no way you’d eat avocados and expect to be cool in real life. It’s not possible.

2. Adventurous 

Ofcourse, you’re adventurous if you constantly eat avocados. You like to do what normal people won’t do. Always willing to take one for the team. Well done. 

3. Spontaneous 

To be very honest, there’s no way eating avocados makes anyone spontaneous. People who eat avocados think about their actions for hours before and after they do it. There’s nothing spontaneous about that. 

4. Avocado eaters think they have advanced taste buds

This is indeed the funniest one. Which advanced taste bud is comfortable with the taste of the blandest fruit in the world? There’s nothing advanced about your palette o, you should instead be praying for God to heal your taste buds.

 5. Potential chefs

You’ve surely seen an avocado eater put avocados in meals and places it shouldn’t be (including their mouths). They’re always coming up with creative ways to make it a more edible fruit. A lot of them have convinced themselves that they’re great chefs because of how often they’ve tried to help an avocado be sweet. 

6. They think they’re the healthiest people in the world

Avocado eaters thinking they’re the healthiest people in the world is very debatable sha. Are you sure it’s the avocado that’s making you healthy and not the condiments you constantly have to complement it with? Avocados can neither do good nor bad all by themselves and we all know that. 

I’m particularly worried about people who eat avocado and also enjoy semo. You guys need to call a therapist.


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