If you’re like me, and you like to enjoy the frequent occasional meal in the middle of the night, you can relate to the guilt that comes with it. But why feel guilt when you’re enjoying life? No, you’re not eating like a thief. You just like enjoyment.

These are the 7  foods that slap better at 2 a.m.


Eba is a meal you can eat at anytime of the day. But eating it at 2 a.m. when your body is in rest mode makes it settle better in your stomach — especially when paired with hot Egusi or Okra soup.  


Eating noodles with two boiled eggs and one sausage at 2 a.m. will change your life. And the great part is, it’s always very easy to cook and you also don’t have to wash too many pots. Enjoyment.

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With plenty of milk and sugar, else it won’t bang. If you’re struggling to sleep at that time, make yourself some custard. The warmth and sweet taste of it will knock you out.

Bread and butter

Eating just bread at that time slaps, especially when you squeeze it in your hand before putting it in your mouth. But if you now add butter and sardine? Hay God, words can’t describe the deliciousness! I know Sardine is expensive but remember, you came to this life for enjoyment. 

Leftover restaurant food

Fajita fixings and flour tortilla in a carryout box

Leftover restaurant food is what you told yourself you’ll eat for breakfast or lunch the next day but somehow ended up eating at 2 a.m. Not because of hunger, but because it was just on your mind.  And the food always tastes so much better after microwaving at midnight than when you eat it in a restaurant. 

Plantain and beans

Frying plantain in the middle of the night is stressful, but the reward is worth it. Midnight is when you can fry and eat as many plantains as you want without anybody begging you or asking you to fry for them. 


Going to the kitchen to take meat from the pot of soup or stew is only something you do in the middle of the night. Because the fear of being caught is part of the ingredients. Just make sure the pot cover doesn’t fall and make noise, else its mission failed — even if you live alone.

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