I recently wrote an article on certain Nigerian foods that are stopping people from reaching their diet goals, and you people said my own was too much, talmabout, “What’s left to eat?” Now I come in peace, with a list of things you can eat and still not gain weight. 


Shawarma is basically a vegetable and chicken wrap, so you can eat it and not gain weight. Forget the mayonnaise inside, pay attention to the vegetables.


Suya is protein and protein is healthy. Simple logic. 

Amala ewewdu and gbegiri

Amala is the lightest swallow of them all, unlike eba and fufu, which will have you dragging your feet the next day. Don’t worry, Abula is healthy too. It’s made of gbegiri and ewedu, which basically kinda sort means you’re eating beans and vegetables. How do you want to gain weight with this type of balanced diet? 

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Fried rice 

Fried rice is the healthiest type of rice in Nigeria. Can’t you see all  the plenty-plenty vegetables inside? You’re barely eating the rice sef. 

Peppered snail

Don’t worry, the pepper in the snail will burn off all the calories. 


The nickname for this food is “African Salad”. Do I really need to say more? 

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