Drinking can be fun. But it’s not just as simple as going to a party and getting a drink. There are rules to this thing. Here’s the Zikoko guide to drinking at a party.

Eat before you go

If you drink heavily on an empty stomach, you’ll get so drunk that you’ll end up sleeping under Oshodi bridge and not knowing how you got there. Let’s not even begin to talk about the hangover you’ll have. Abeg eat and eat well. 

Know what you’re drinking 

You may think you’re drinking palm wine, but what if it’s garri water mixed with tequila? Don’t look at me like that. People are mixing weird things these days and calling it a cocktail. 

Drink with friends 

Not just for safety but also because it’s more fun. Don’t sit by yourself in one corner sipping tequila. What was now the whole point of leaving your house? 

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If you’ve been drinking for quite a bit, stop and do some legwork. Dancing is a good way to sober up. 

Don’t drink too much

Know your limits. Don’t allow oversabi or peer pressure to make you drink more than you can handle. Once you begin to feel tipsy, stop drinking. Drinking dehydrates the body, so find water to balance things out. 

Find out if the drinks are free 

Just because you’re at a party doesn’t automatically mean drinks are free. Ask questions before you end up using your salary to pay for drinks.

Don’t mix drinks 

Choose one drink, and stick to it the entire night. Having a gin and tonic, followed by wine, followed by vodka shots, is not a good combination. It’s a recipe for a drunken disaster, and may upset your stomach. 

During drinking games, drink water 

With all the playing and laughing, you can easily get carried away during games. To avoid getting so drunk you begin to hear double, drink water as often as you can in between games. 

If you don’t know what to drink, go for a gin and tonic

If all sorts of drink names are being thrown at you and you’re confused, go for a gin and tonic (G&T). A G&T is a classic sweet cocktail that everyone loves.

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