Nigeria is too hard, and life is too short for you to still be doing regular boring ice cream combinations. Instead of regular chocolates, Oreos and strawberries, try adding these things to elevate your ice cream game:  


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Plantain and ice cream slaps like crazy! I know this because I’ve tried it before in this video. Make sure you use overripe plantain — the one five minutes away from spoiling. 


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French fries 

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Have you even lived if you’ve never dunked french fries into vanilla ice cream? It gives this weird, salty and sweet combination. Plus, the warmth of the fries goes well with the cold of the ice cream.  


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My colleague Tega once wrote about different okra recipes. She mentioned okra ice cream as one of her options, and she even gave a recipe. It can’t be that bad if people are out there eating it. You can use this to lie to yourself that you’re eating healthy.  

AND Yes, These Foods Can Be Eaten Raw 


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Bacon goes with everything (you know I’m telling the truth). There’s just something about how the sizzling bacon’s crispness matches the ice cream’s sweetness. Goes well with any kind of ice cream. 



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As a lover of cheese, I endorse this particular combination. Grating a bit of cheese over vanilla or caramel ice cream makes for the perfect dessert. If you want to be adventurous, melt the cheese and mix it with the ice cream entirely. If you’re lactose intolerant, for your own sake and those around you, don’t try this. 


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On paper, suya and ice cream doesn’t make sense. But when you try it, you’ll see that I know what I’m talking about. The ice cream acts as some kind of sweet sauce for the meat. 


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Instead of using milk, use vanilla ice cream for your cereal. I promise, you’ll return and praise me for this marvellous combination. I recently tried vanilla ice cream and coco pops, and I was crying serious tears of joy at how good it was. 

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If you’re the type to add pepper to almost everything you eat, you’ll like this combo. The cold ice cream tempers the hotness of the pepper. Just cut one tiny ata rodo (fresh red pepper) and mix it with vanilla or chocolate ice cream for a tingly edge. 

Plantain chips

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Instead of crushed biscuits, try crushed plantain chips. From the crunchiness of the chips to how all the flavours mix together, you’ll fall in love. In fact, once I finish writing this article, I’m going to try it again. 


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Swap out the sugar and milk in your coffee for ice cream. It’ll almost feel like you added whipped cream. Enjoy your drink and dessert in one go. 

Puff puff

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I tried this combo for the first time at a restaurant and fell in love. Hot, sweet puff puff with cold ice cream is one thing everyone should try at least once in their life. You can run it with any ice cream flavour of your choice.

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