You’re watching a movie, and the female lead character is downing ice cream by the litre and looking like someone stole her boyfriend. Maybe someone did steal her boyfriend, but that’s not the point. 

My point is that countless movie tropes have made us believe that ice cream is the pinnacle of comfort eating. But they lie.

Update your meal plan — or whatever rich people call it — with these banging comfort foods today:

Jollof rice and fish

Yes, fish. No one made it a rule for jollof rice to always be paired with chicken. Try the fantastic combo of jollof rice and grilled fish, and tell us if it doesn’t immediately transport you to those days when you used to tag along with your mum to those weekly owambes. Ice cream what?


On a lazy Saturday morning, a plate of steaming hot moi-moi (which can be paired in a number of ways) might help you temporarily forget that weekends are made in China. 

Full option amala

When I say full option, I mean amala, gbegiri, ewedu and plenty obstacles. I can already feel all my problems melting away just thinking about it.

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Stir-fry spaghetti with plenty orisirisi

Shrimp, chicken strips, carrots — anything you can think of, just add them. If the end-product doesn’t make you happy, then your problem is bigger than Nigeria.

Honey-glazed chicken wings

Have you ever imagined what heaven tasted like? Try this with your favourite chilled drink, and you’ll want to burst out in song.

Spicy noodles

Just add pepper. Sure your nose may start running the marathon, and you’ll likely drink more water than Aproko Doctor, but your stomach will be happy. Do it.


Cake is elite, and you don’t need to limit yourself to enjoying it only on birthdays and special occasions.


Shawarma had to make this list because the second-best thing about elite comfort eating is that you don’t have to cook it.

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