Okra may be a meal best served as soup to you, but it’s really a vegetable you can do so much more with. I’ve taken the time to help you find 11 okra recipes to get into. 

Send us pictures when you attempt any of them!

Okra Ice Cream

Credit: Brooke Allen, Edible Tulsa

Y’all are out here eating ice cream and plantain, so don’t act shocked. A 2014 study showed that the okra can help retain the texture of ice cream as it freezes and unfreezes. And although not everyone is trying it out, there are people making it work like this guy.


  • Steal a bowl of ice cream because things are tough on Buhari’s streets. I’d say go with vanilla. 
  • Get to chopping up that okra and mix mix mix.

Fried okra and pepper

Photo credit: tsunad, gourmandize

It’s like eating fried potato and pepper sauce. Once the okra is fried, there’s no sliminess to deal with. And to make it even tastier, put in an egg, mix with corn meal, throw in a dash of pepper and salt, and fry until golden brown.

Here’s a recipe you can follow from Allrecipes.

Stir-fry okra with noodles

Yes, there’s nothing that doesn’t exist under the sun. But I don’t need to say too much about this dish. Buy noodles and follow this Asian recipe I found on Youtube.

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Okra stew

Photo credit: Yumna Jawad

Like chicken or beef stew, okra stew is an everyday business in Lebanon, and I’m not mad at it. 

Here’s the recipe

Okra kimchi

I can’t forget our K-drama fans on this okra journey. We already showed you how to make cucumber kimchi

, so switch things out with okra, and you have a whole new dish.

Okra and fried eggs

Photo credit: cookwhenbored, cookpad

For the fitfam crew. Okra is a vegetable, so paired with onions, scotch bonnets and sausages on the side, you have a breakfast for champions. You’re welcome.

Okra pie

Look, hear me out. We’re already finding strange things like macaroni in meat pies, so why not okra? And for the bougie people, what’s the difference between this and shepherd’s pie?

Here’s how to make it as a shepherd’s pie or meat pie.

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Okra chips

Photo credit: Lana Stuart, Lana’s cooking

Plaintain chips, potato chips, okra chips, they’re all chips. 

Okra oatmeal

Photo credit: humbleherbivore, feed feed

Since oatmeal has a slightly slimy feel already, the okra fits right in. If you’re not much of a sweet tooth, or maybe you’re a hardened criminal on the loose, you may find this appealing.

Okra and plantain pottage

I’m amazed at the things people think of because, why? But if you’re a plantain lover that needs this in life, here’s a video to jump on.

Okra pancakes

Photo credit: Louisiana cookin

Out of everything I found, this pancake recipe hurt me the most. 

For getting to the end of this article, I’ll grant you one wish: 

Which of the okra recipes would you like Zikoko writers to try? Tell me here, and I’ll make it happen.

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