Social science faculty is usually the most diverse and fun cocktail in Nigerian universities. It’s even more ironic because people hardly write JAMB with plans to study a social science course, but alas the system does what it does best and 4 years later it makes a political scientist out of a 16-year-old who wanted to be the youngest SAN in Nigeria. Here are some of the things Nigerian social science students can definitely relate to.

1. People wondering where you would work after school.

Talmabout so will you be a politician? Or you will work as a secretary? Stay there and be asking, you will still pay money to attend my career masterclass soon.

2. Exam questions that always start with “Explain”, “Describe”, “Enunciate”, “Outline”, “argue for the case of” and other orishirishi that basically means you are expected to spend no less than one page for each answer.

Social science exams are never a “straight to the point matter”, you are expected to take the longest route with enough English and important keywords.

3. Too much talk in lectures.

Which is probably why they expect you to talk just as much during exams. There’s always a lot to say and the lecturers spend ample time saying it.

4. Jam-packed classes.

zikoko- Nigerian Social Science Students

Social science departments are always overcrowded, and schools make no effort to creating larger classrooms or providing more seats. Once you have your reg number you are on your own.

5. Standing at the back of the class or by the window of the class for lectures.

Because the class is already full as usual.

6. Coursemates with dreams/plans of switching over to professional courses.

zikoko- Nigerian Social Science Students

When you ask them they say “It’s what the university gave them”. Everybody wants to port to a professional course so they can make their Nigerian parents proud.

7. Too many candidates during SUG elections.

zikoko- Nigerian Social Science Students

Somehow social science faculty always turns out to be a congregation of the most politically ambitious students in the university as regards the SUG. During SUG elections there are always at least 4 candidates from social science contesting for the SUG president position when other faculties only have one candidate each.

8. Back to back parties. 

zikoko- Nigerian Social Science Students

Because we obviously put the social in science after all.

That’s 8 things Nigerian Social Science Students can definitely relate to. We also made a list for Engineering students and it’s another fun read.




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