Using dating apps is not for the weak, especially if you’re a queer person. You don’t know who is going to hate crime you two weeks after texting, or who will ghost you because their long time crush finally texted them back after a month. Here are the queer women you’ll meet on dating apps. 

1. The 34-year-old Christian stud that wants kids

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with wanting kids. But these people will text you like they’re recruiting you for pyramid schemes when you mention that you’re not a Christian. I’m not saying this is a red flag, but the flag is not green. 

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2. The spiritual astrology babe 

She is always direct, and of course, your first conversation is going to lean into your star sign and how it affects your life. If she ghosts you after reading your birth chart, you’re probably a Gemini or a Scorpio and it was giving her bad vibes. 

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3. The 19-year-old baby gay that falls in love fast

With every match, she feels like she’s met the love of her life. If you delete the app and come back in a year, she’ll still be as excited to talk to you again. To be honest, she’s a sweetheart and deserves nice things, but she’ll probably just keep meeting people that are looking for something casual. 

4. The femme woman you think is straight

She’s the complete opposite of what people think a queer woman should look like. She likes pink, wears short dresses and is probably a Swiftie. Nothing on her account screams queer, but she probably has dated more women than you have. 

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5. The one that dated your ex 

You either swiped right by mistake or out of curiosity, but now you’ve realised that she’s pretty chill and you can almost see why your ex left you for her because you would do the same. You’ll never get to date her sha, but you might hang out a couple of times. 

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6. Your single friends

Half of the people you swipe right on as a queer person on a dating app are probably your friends. You both swiped right on each other just for the bants, and never speak again after the first text because you’re not there to date them.

7. The one with no bio that is looking for friends 

You’re not even sure if this person is a real person or a catfish when you swipe left because why are you on a dating app, looking for friends? They don’t even give you anything to work with. Just their name and a picture with a Snapchat filter. What are you supposed to do with that? 

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