Not everyone has what it takes to look as effortless as masc queer women do when they do all nine things in this article, and that’s okay. Are most of the things on this list things based on the way masc queer women physically present themselves? Yes. If you like, judge me, I already judge myself.  

1. Rolled up t-shirt sleeve

I don’t know if all masc queer women go to a school where they teach them how to roll up their sleeves, but they’re the only ones that make it work and make it hot. If they have a tattoo showing right underneath that sleeve, just propose. 

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2. Wearing a suit 

The cut of the suit doesn’t even matter. When a masc queer woman wears a suit, the next thing to do is to beg her to ruin you. Because when next will you be in the presence of ultimate gorgeousness again? 

3. Locs

A masc queer woman with locs is a woman that will break your heart and you’ll still tell her thank you for the experience. We should all sign a petition to stop them sha, because why are you collecting hearts like infinity stones? Also, the shorter the locs, the hotter she is. 

4. When they pick up a cup from the top, instead of the side

They will never pick up a cup from the side or hold the handle, and to be honest, I’m not even complaining. We should all hold cups the way these gorgeous women do. 

5. Manicured nails with rings

If you’re going to flaunt the goods of your trade, it makes sense to keep it clean. If you have well-manicured nails and you wear those chunky rings, text me. For research purposes, of course.

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6. Carrying everything in their hands 

What do they need a bag for when they can just carry their entire lives in their hands or pockets? How they never lose any of their property is an unsolvable mystery, but watching them effortlessly carry their keys, wallet, AirPod case, phone and water bottle in the same hand is the gift that keeps giving.  

7. The gold chain 

Truly the ninth wonder of the world. There’re very few things hotter than a masc queer woman wearing a simple gold chain without a pendant. The only time a pendant works is if it’s a cross. 

8. The man spread 

Is it irritating when men do it? Yes, because don’t they already take up enough space in this world?. But on masc queer women, it’s the hottest thing. Yass girl. I support women taking up space! Even if it’s my own legroom. Who died from being uncomfortable before? 

9. Leaving several buttons undone 

Some people do this and look like wannabe drug dealers from Oshodi, but masc queer women have hacked this look. Especially when they style it so you can see their sports bra. That’s the end. Just let me simp in peace.  

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