You’ve come to the point where you’re tired of your relationship and you want to end it. Wait first. I’m not saying you shouldn’t break up with your partner. It’s just that these nine times may be inappropriate. 

When NEPA takes light

The pain in people’s chests when NEPA takes light is one of the worst feelings in the world. It’s as if your entire world has crumbled. Why would you want to add to this by breaking up with them at that moment? After NEPA, you’re the next thing that lights up their world, and you want to take that away and leave them in complete darkness? Haba now.  

After unnecessary billing

In the current Nigerian economy, anybody who receives any form of unnecessary billing needs to be cuddled and kissed, not broken up with. They’re already going through a lot. Just wait small. 

When they’re being dragged on social media

They need all the emotional support they can get at this time, because people on the internet can be wicked. This isn’t the time to dump them; they need you.

After they find out you cheated on them 

They’re already heartbroken. You want to add to it by breaking up with them? Don’t be a wicked person. Give them time to digest the information about your cheating first. There’s only so much a person can take at once.

When they have diarrhoea

Their stomach is in pain, don’t add their heart to it too. One organ after the other, please. Plus the bum bum tears, thanks the constant pooing, is bad enough. They don’t need to shed actual tears from heartbreak too.  

After they receive bad news from the doctor

If you break up with them, the pain from the heartbreak will accelerate the sickness they just found out about, and that’s how they’ll die. Avoid being a killer by waiting a bit before you serve them breakfast. 

When you’re about to japa

You want to leave them physically and emotionally? That’s not fair. Give them something to hold on to for a bit. Maybe when you travel, it’ll be easier for them to understand the breakup. 

During elections

Do you want to be the reason they don’t vote? Because that’s what’ll happen if you break up with them around election time. They’ll stay home and cry instead of going out to choose a candidate who’ll make our country better. Or they’ll decide to vote for the wrong candidate as a way to punish you, and then an entire nation will suffer because you had to be a heartbreaker. 

When they’re working out at the gym  

Because they may drop a dumbell on your foot out of shock. 

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